Baby It's You
Everytime that I fall down, one thing pulls me through

"We can dance all night, we can have a good time. We can make tonight last a lifetime."

This weekend we went from Jersey to Connecticut to Massachusetts and then to NYC to see R5 and Brandon and Savannah. I had such an amazing weekend and it was really nice getting to spend some time with Brandon and Savannah again at the end of the weekend. I love how their parents answer to us when we call them mom and dad. I love those two so much. And it was nice to hear from Riker how much he appreciates that we come out to all the shows. It was worth the long car drives, and lack of sleep, and tiredness. And how hard PCD has hit me.

    come on and rock that rock with me
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        R5’s new song “We’re Alright”

        Upcoming R5 shows

        Who’s going to any of the following shows? I’m going to all the shows I’m about to list and I’d LOVE to meet some new R5Family friends. Follow me on instagram for updates on what I’ll be wearing (readysetriker)

        • September 26th - Sayerville, NJ
        • September 27th - Ledyard, CT
        • September 28th - Lowell, MA
        • September 29th - New York CIty, NY

        If you see me at any of these shows don’t be afraid to come say hi. Also I’m looking for some friends to rock out with me in the back of the venue at the Jersey show, I don’t want to stand in the crowd because I predict this show will get a bit crazy and I can’t be sore or I’m never going to make it through the other shows so i just want to have a dance party in the back. Starland is small anyways.

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          brb this is hot as heck [+]

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              Anonymous asked:

              Hey, I just bought the r5 fan club thing and I'm wondering if you know how to buy pre sale tickets.

              Apparently they are sending out an email at some point with a presale code. But typically it takes 24 hours for your fanclub membership to activate, they neglect to tell you that when you sign up. My friend had this problem when she was trying to buy presale tickets for the Connecticut show. She bought it she could get the presale tickets and then she found out that it takes 24 hours to activate.

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                rikerr5: “Things are looking up 😜😎”

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                  Grant Gustin filming ‘The Flash’, September 19

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                    Typical conversations on instagram 

                    Typical conversations on instagram 

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